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Best Of Morocco ( 17 days) + Click for more informations

DAY 1: Casablanca – Rabat

We will pick you up at the Casablanca airport and begin ourtrip with a tour of the city. We will visit the mosque Hassan II, the biggestreligious building in the country (with a 210m high minaret). It is one of thefew mosques open for non-Muslims, so here you will have the option to visitinside and see the amazing work of more than 10.000 handicraftsmen.

From here we will drive you to the capital of the countryRabat to see the beautiful yard of the royal palace and Challah, Roman ruinsand remains of 14th century Merinid tombs.

DAY 2: Rabat – Chefchaouen

In the morning we will see the unfinished mosque of Hassanand the mausoleum of Mohammed V, as well as OudayaKasbah, a fortress used bythe Almoravides to prepare troops before they launched their attacks on Spain.

After this we will drive to Chefchaouen, passing through thepicturesque forested area of SidiKasim. We will get you situated in your hoteland you are free to explore the town in the evening. Dinner is provided.

DAY 3: Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a lovely town located in between twomountains. The name is Berber, and in English means “horns”. It was recentlyadded to the world’s heritage sites by UNISCO in 2010. Today will be spentexploring the town and surrounding areas.

Chefchaouen is sometimes referred to as “The Blue Town”because all of the buildings in the town are painted a vibrant blue with white.Built on a hillside with small winding streets, this combination with thecolorful blue makes for some amazing photography opportunities. The localpeople are welcoming and dress in clothing styles special to this area. Veryclose to town is a spring, water mill, and some hiking that we can explore ifyou are interested!

In the evening we will take you to the main square to enjoydinner at a local spot and watch the evening life.

DAY 4: Chefchaouen – Volubilis – Meknes

Departure to Meknes in the morning. We will drive throughoutgreen hills and cereal fields. Along the way we will stop in Volubilis, thebest-preserved roman ruins in Morocco. A guided tour inside the roman site willtake you back to the myths of Rome through the stunning mosaic, streets,columns and baths.

Nearby there is an old village of Moulay Driss Zerhounewhere the founder of the first Arab Islamic dynasty in Morocco is buried. Iftime allows, we will break for mint tea in this village before we head toMeknes. Here you will check into your hotel and then enjoy dinner in theevening.

DAY 5: Meknes – Fez

This morning we are going to explore the Ismaeli city ofMeknes, notable by it’s beautiful gates and massive city walls. Bab Mansour themost impressive gate of Meknes was built in 1732. The facing square of Lahdimeis an animated place where the townspeople come together for coffee andconversation. We will also see the mausoleum of Moulay Ismael and other localsites.

After lunch we head to Fez. Once here we will take you tothe northern tower to give you a nice panoramic view of Fes so you are orientedfor your full day tour the following day. We can use remaining time in theafternoon to see more sites in Fez and of course enjoy a local dinner inthe evening.

DAY 6: City Tour of Fez

After a late breakfast, you will have a guided tour of theFez medina, a true labyrinthine section of the 8th century city. You willtravel in time back to the medieval period of the city and see that peoplestill work in small narrow streets, using tiny stalls to sell their traditionalcrafts. Along the way you’ll pass donkeys loaded with supplies, making theirway down the cobbled walkways. Lunch will be taken in one of the many cafes intown.

The medina of Fez is rich of its Islamic monuments: thefascinating old mosques, the University of El-Karaouiyine and its libraries.All These elements made Fez the intellectual and cultural capital of thecountry of past, and now make it a wonderful city to explore and learn from.

To finish the day there is dinner, with an optional dinnershow.

DAY 7: Fez

This day is a free day, yours to use to explore more of thecity, relax in your Riad, see sites you didn’t get to see yesterday. Yourchoice!

DAY: 8 Fez – Ifran – Medilt – Erfoud

Today we will head towards the Middle Atlas mountains. Wewill take a driving break in Ifrantown, a famous ski resort in Morocco that wasestablished during the French protectorate. Lunch will be in Medilt, known forits best productions of apples in Morocco. After a photo stop in Zizvalley (thestart of palm groves and dates), our day ends in Erfoud, the gate to thedesert. As it can be hot here in the afternoons, this will be the perfect timefor swimming at the hotel!

DAY 9: Erfoud – Erg Chebbi – Desert Camp

Erfoud is the capital of fossils in Morocco so you will havethis chance to visit one of the workshops where they make beautiful articlesout of marble. We will drive to Erg Chebbi, take some time for a cup of tea andpacking for our desert camping experience. In the afternoon we will meet ourcamels and head off on a camel-ride in time to watch the sun set over theSaharan sand dunes. This evening you will sleep in the desert in a Berber tent.

DAY 10: Erg Chebbi – Tinjidad – Todra Gorges

In the morning we’ll wake up and head back on camel to townwhere we can enjoy breakfast and showers. From here we’ll head to Tinjidad tosee the old underground system of irrigation “khatarat” which is still used inthe oasis of Jerf. You will arrive in Todra Valley in time for lunch,surrounded by mountains and palm groves. From here we’ll enter the 300m highTodra Gorge and enjoy a little walk along the Todra River. Overnight stay willbe in a Kasbah hotel.

DAY 11: Todra Gorges – Skoura Palmary – Ouarzazate

It’s a quick trip over to Dades Valley to see more beautifulformations of the High Atlas mountains that surround green fields of figs,almonds, apricots, peach, walnut and pomegranate trees. Next will be Rosevalley, famous for rose water and beauty creams. It is extracted from DamascenaRose which you find in some perfumes, skin care, medicines, etc. Crossing theold palmary of Skoura, we will arrive in Ouarzazate to stay for the night.

DAY 12: Ouarzazate – Ait Ben Haddou – Marrakech

Ouarzazate is home to both history and current culturalphenomena – beautiful kasbahs and modern day cinema studios. We’ll first headto Ait Ben Haddou village to explore the most preserved village of the south ofthe country, classified as one of world’s heritages by UNISCO in 1987. A seriesof movies were made in this location: Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator to namea few. We will do some walking inside the village and we continue in OunilaValley to reach Telouet Kasbah, a big fort of the Pacha who was the mostpowerful man of the south.

Once our explorations are done for the day here, we willtravel the pass through the spectacular High Atlas mountains (Tizi-n-Tichka2260m altitude) to arrive Marrakech for the evening.

DAY 13: City Tour of Marrakech

Marrakech is a busting city with a lot to see. For thisreason we will have two days here, the first being a guided day and the seconda free day for you to enjoy. This first day we’ll start with a guided tour ofthe walled city from the outside, including the gorgeous Jardin de Majorelle.Next we’ll go inside to visit the many historical sites in the medina(Koutoubia Mosque, the beautiful Bahia palace, and the famous souks ofMarrakech).

You will be amazed of how many different stalls, colors,smells and goods being produced in the souks. It is a great place for shoppingsome gifts for yourselves and for your beloved ones. To finish up your day inthe red city, it is nice to have a cup of mint-tea in one of the terracesoverlooking the Jamaa El Fna, Marrakech’s magical main square. It’s the perfectend to a day that you always will remember!

DAY 14: Marrakech

Today is your day to do as you choose. Visiting a localhammam (a traditional spa) is recommended. We can help with planning this dayif you’d like!

DAY 15: Marrakech – Essaouira

We willtravel to Essaouira, a coastal city on the Atlanticc coast. On the way we’llstop at an Argan collective run by local women making goods from theregion-specific argan nuts. Once in Essaouira, we can plan the day as you like– exploring the medina and ramparts, relaxing on the beach, visiting a hammam.

DAY 16:Essaouira

This townis known for local artists and music, reading a book on the beach, surfing, andwatching the sunset over the ocean. This is your last night of the tour and youare free to do as you’d like!

DAY 17: Essaouira – Airport Marrakech / Casablanca

Today we transport you to Marrakech or Casablanca, and saygoodbye after a wonderful tour!

§ Departue of the tour: from airoport of Casablanca

§  the Tour end at:  airport in Marrakech or Casablanca depends on your flight