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Camel Ride



  CAMEL TREK- Sunrise / Sunset

You will ride a camel in early morning and then you will be able to watch the sunrise from the top of the big dunes. From there you will have a special view of the desert dunes and the oasis. At sunset, our camelman will take you back to the desert village where you can spend the night in a nice auberge (hotel in the desert) with all the comforts of a swimming pool, rooms with air conditioning and good Moroccan food. You can also have the chance to see a drum party with desert music and make a few Berber friends there in the desert. You will leave us and the desert with great memories to cherish to years to come.



        SPECIAL NIGHT IN THE DUNES- Sleeping in 5-Star under a Berber Tent

You will be driven around the desert in a couple of hours where you can have a chance to pass through the dunes and enjoy the sunset and sunrise in the middle of the desert. Afterwards, you will arrive at the oasis in the middle of the desert where the bivouac tent is. You can leave your things there and prepare to sleep and spend the night under the tent eating delicious food prepared for you in the desert camp. You can also enjoy the silence of the desert around a campfire and listen to desert music. Imagine yourself having this special experience with CamelTours.



       TWO NIGHTS IN THE DESERT- First night stay in the desert with a camel trek. Second night in a desert hotel near dunes with visits to villages around the desert. 


This plan allows you to have two experiences in one visit. That means you will be taken by camel to spend the an entire night in the desert under a nomad tent and you will also be taken on excursions to visit sites on the outskirts of the desert. You can enjoy meeting desert families and seeing the Gnaoua Black Village where you can drink a cup of mint tea (affectionately called “the Berber whisky” by locals). There you will also experience a live show featuring Gnaoua music. Then you will travel to see the surprising big lake in the desert which is one of the best kept secrets of the desert. Discover the desert with CamelTours today! 




This special tour will be done on camelback with the help of our experienced gudes andc camelmen. This tour allows you to discover the real Erg Chebbi desert where you can meet different nomad families as you travel through the desert. You will experience the real nomad life with real nomad food. This is a great special desert experience that can be done in two days or up to one week! We are ready to make your dreams come true so contact us and tell us what you have in mind.